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Ever since I was a child I have loved beautiful things, beautiful views,
things that touched all my senses at the same time.

When I was 10 my mother came back from a trip , she bought these beautiful pieces that clearly, to my eyes, were something else,
with time I understood that they were made in Italy, even at that age I could see the quality and design that distinguished them.

Made in Italy is a guarantee in it self.

If is a mouth blown glass it is distinctive, if it’s a piece of jewelry it’s design lasts in time, clothes, fashion expresses something that completes the person and Italians are masters.
I live in Como and here I have learned that silk has many descriptions, it’s not just a pretty pattern it’s about the touch, it’s about the weight, it’s about fluidity and each minute characteristic has a name in reference to the work the artisan has added. I have lived in Italy for 23 years and have tried hard to learn from them, observing and absorbing.

Marcela Rodriguez Naim

Shop founder & manager


OPERA Gift Concept Store Como - Via Lambertenghi 21 Angolo Via Diaz 55 Como 22100 Italy - centro storico


Email: como@operagiftcomo.com
Marcela +347 498 4353